Market Commodity Prices

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CommodityLastChangeOpenHighLowPrev. StlUpdated CST
Corn343-0s3-4339-4345-2338-6 07/27/16
Soybeans986-0s12-2974-6995-0971-4 07/27/16
Wheat414-6s-0-2416-6421-0414-0 07/27/16
Lean Hogs61.050s-2.57563.37563.47560.65063.62507/27/16
Live Cattle113.050s0.475112.100113.150111.800112.57507/27/16
CME Cotton #20.736s-0.0040.7450.7470.7330.74007/27/16

Everything Lining Up For Volitility


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10 Bible Verses for Farmers


Farming is referenced over and over again in the Bible. Here are a few of our favorite inspirational verses for farmers.