Market Commodity Prices

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CommodityLastChangeOpenHighLowPrev. StlUpdated CST
Corn315-6s-5-0320-6322-0315-4 08/30/16
Soybeans950-6s-13-4964-4968-4946-4 08/30/16
Wheat392-2s-4-6396-4400-6391-4 08/30/16
Lean Hogs62.050s0.67561.37562.30061.05061.37508/30/16
Live Cattle107.475s2.400105.300107.775103.775105.07508/30/16
CME Cotton #20.663s-0.0070.0000.6630.6630.67008/30/16

Stop Irrigating Sooner


Consider it an old irrigators’ tale, if you want, but the idea that irrigation must continue up to and beyond crop maturity to assure full yield could result in the single largest waste of water.