What’s new at Commodity Classic?

This morning, show goers were served a quick, 5-minute appetizer to the entrée exhibitors would be featuring at the show. So what’s on the plate for farmers? Dig in to these quick reads on what’s new, and come back for seconds as we deliver more in-depth reports throughout the show. 

Topcon Precision Agriculture

Justin Jones with Topcon debuted the company’s new AGI-4 receiver/steering controller. The all-in-one controller eliminates the need for another box inside the cab by integrating everything into one system. Benefits include:


Monitoring yield monitors

A yield monitor is only as good as the data it collects, warns Kent Shannon at the University of Missouri. “Remember, garbage in equals garbage out,” he says.

The engineer provides the following five steps to ensure monitors are running dead-on accurate.


Learn more about the unique combine setup of the Tribine.


The LEXION 780 combine debuts with new patented CLAAS technology.