Politics Becomes a Force in Grains

This week, politics had as much to do with price action as fundamentals – talk of slashing trade deals and more rhetoric that threatened to spark trade wars.


An Early Wheat Rally Reverses Down

The week started out strong for wheat — but that was as good as it got. Follow-through buying from the bullish plantings report quickly faded as reports of better-than-expected rains across the southern and central Plains over the weekend relieved a great deal of the concern about drought and crop stress.
It was the spring wheat market of Minneapolis that saw the most volatility however, as elevators switched basis from the March contract to the May, about a month ahead of normal. The large inverse in March quickly faded with a large outside day lower on the futures.


Wheat Fails to Stay in Old Trading Range

A sharply higher dollar, Southern Hemisphere harvest, bitter cold in the U.S., and record ethanol profits supporting corn are combining to keep wheat prices moving in a choppy, uncertain direction.