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Corn updates and articles, from planting to harvest. Find articles on corn production, marketing, the latest corn crop technology and more.

Stalk Rots Prevalent for Harvest By: 09/16/2015 @ 2:34pm

Walk through a cornfield this fall, and odds are you’ll stumble across at least one of the many stalk rots. This prevalent disease had the perfect combination of…

What Syngenta is Saying About Viptera Lawsuit By: 09/10/2015 @ 8:49am

If you’re a Midwestern farmer, chances are you’ve received notice from one or more law firms about a lawsuit…

4 Agronomic Practices that Pay By: 09/09/2015 @ 5:08pm

By Gene Johnston  Today, your skills as an economist may supersede those as an agronomist. Yes, you can do some…

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Moldboard Plowing into a Corn After Corn Rotation. Good Idea? By: 09/27/2015 @ 11:00pm

Back by popular demand, we have continued our testing with the moldboard plow. Beck's Moldboard Plow Study. Continuous Corn - 2014. Our goal at Central Illinois PFR is to determine if there are any…

Q&A with Chris Novak, CEO of NCGA By: 09/02/2015 @ 5:12pm

Last October, Chris Novak took the helm of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) at a time when the waters were becoming particularly choppy in the corn industry. Back-to-back record crops were driving…

What's the Best Date to Plant Your Corn? By: 08/13/2015 @ 3:42pm

This week we highlight the Corn Planting Date Study at Beck’s London, OH Practical Farm Research PFR® site. Check out the video to learn more about the differences we are seeing in our crop based on…

360 UnderCOVER performed 4.6 Bu./A. better than traditional over the top ground treatment By: 08/12/2015 @ 11:00pm

360 UnderCOVER performed 4.6 Bu./A. better than traditional over the top ground treatment.This first year study evaluates the use of the 360 UnderCOVER system. This technology gives you the ability to deliver…

#Grow15 3 Crop Considerations For 2015 and Beyond By: 08/12/2015 @ 4:19pm

Through our summer travels, editors pick up lots of stuff. Here are three crop considerations for this year and future.* Twenty-five years ago, row crop farmers would have shrugged their shoulders at the…

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What is the Moisture Content of the Corn You're Harvesting?

27% or Higher 24-26% 21-23% 18-20% 15-17% Under 15%