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Urease Inhibitor is Cost-, Yield Effective

Updated: 05/09/2012 @ 1:57pm

At a cost of pennies per pound, AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer is both cost- and yield-effective

From target-specific herbicides to hybrids with bioengineered traits to yield mapping, corn production has become more high-tech than ever. But sometimes, the best tool a grower can use is an old-fashioned pencil.

Every producer knows it’s getting more expensive just to get a crop in the ground. Most growers are willing to spend money to make money — but every crop input must show a positive return on investment. Some inputs, such as nitrogen, are essential to making a crop and therefore, nonnegotiable. Others, such as AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer, are optional. That’s when it’s time to put the pencil to paper to determine if these inputs not only pay for themselves, but actually lead to increase yields and profits.

AGROTAIN® stabilizer added to urea or liquid nitrogen, at a cost of just pennies per pound of N, prevents nitrogen loss into the air, known as volatility, that can reach as high as 30 percent. Making a rescue treatment is expensive, but if lost nitrogen is not replaced, yields could suffer. In either case, growers lose money. By contrast, the average cost for AGROTAIN® stabilizer on urea is around 5-6 cents per pound of applied nitrogen this varies by region. 

But even at such a low cost, is AGROTAIN® stabilizer worth the investment? According to research, the average ROI return on investment) over the past several years has been at least $3 returned to $1 invested. Plus, because it’s mixed and applied directly with nitrogen, there are no added costs for equipment or extra passes over the field.

Improving nitrogen efficiency, like most other things in farming, comes at a cost. But this cost pays for itself through reduced loss and improved yields. AGROTAIN® stabilizer is not just cost-effective if nitrogen is a limiting factor it can be yield effective too.

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