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Get the Scoop on Corn Rootworm

08/04/2013 @ 7:28am

Think you don't have rootworm pressure?  Look again!  

It’s that time of year when farmers and their consultants are conducting root digs, but there are a few tricks to the trade. Most notably, rootworm feeding isn't always visible unless you actually wash off the roots. 

Quick tips for conducting a rootworm dig:

  1. Rootworms can have hot pockets in the field, so the more locations the better.
  2. While you are digging roots, note insect pressure (in particular rootworm beetle feeding).
  3. Pay special attention to the leaves above ear leaf for disease.
  4. Note runt plants and uneven emergence. Look at plant spacing.
  5. After washing off roots, look for compacted zones and whether there was any sidewall compaction during planting.

For more information about corn rootworm management, click on the links below:

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