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Nasty Nor'easter for corn, soybeans

  • Nasty Nor'easter

    Farmers in southcentral Pennsylvania just received nearly 9.00-inches of snow in one of the worst October snowstorms on record.

  • Nasty Nor'easter - Halloween Christmas?

    With harvest already delayed from late maturing and a wet fall, Lancaster, Pennsylvania farmers now have to wait for heavy amounts of snow to melt.

  • Nasty Nor'easter - Poor Visibility

    Though I was in Pennsylvania for the first time, the October snowstorm offered images similar to the Midwest's farming landscape. This is a hazy look at a very sharp looking Amish farm in Lancaster, County.

  • Nasty Nor'easter - White-capped Corn

    Corn growers have most of this year's crop harvested here. I'm standing near a cornfield in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Yields have averaged between 150-180 bu./acre.

  • Nasty Nor'easter - Marketeye Snowman

    I stopped to get the USDA November Crop Report numbers from this 6-feet tall snowman in southcentral Pennsylvania. He said, "I don't know them. Just follow your nose."

  • Nasty Nor'easter - Trading Hay

    Jim Kreider, a longtime Lancaster County, Pennsylvania farmer, buys and sells hay. This year, one ton of hay is selling for $300, straw $200. This is 30% higher than a year ago. "I've never seen snow like this in my 80 years around here."'s Mike McGinnis finds corn and soybeans buried in Pennsylvania Saturday.

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