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NE Kansas Doniphan County 2010 Corn Harvest

Dave Biodiesel Updated: 10/02/2010 @ 9:52pm

This year was well below expected harvest yeilds.  We were coming in with a drop on average of 30 to 70 bushels lost per acre bringing in totals to average ranging from 150 to 130 bushels to the acre in Corn.  We didn't realize how much greensnap accompanied with hail that occurring in the very end of may.  Many of the fields during harvest have large amounts of grass that was not noticed until going into the fields to harvest which explains why the grass and weeds are present than years before.  

What hasn't been really taken into account from what I have seen on the news or any regional reports is that anyone farming along the Missouri River from the  Kansas City bottoms all the way north past Rulo, NE is that these fields completely flooded out in most places on both sides of the river with 10,000+aces lost of both Soybeans and Corn.  

I truly believe Informa is way off expectations along with the USDA's report regarding Corn coming in.  Harvest in our county is 75% complete with Corn and would expect 95% in one more week.  Its just not good and way below expectations.

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Jeff Caldwell yields 10/02/2010 @ 9:50pm Hi, Dave. Great update here! Thanks for the update! Based on your thoughts here, do you think those types of losses will be enough to move the market much? Seems like there are a lot of mixed signals -- bearish and bullish -- coming from the fundamentals right now. Hope everybody in your neck of the woods gets harvest wrapped up there in good shape! Stay safe out there!

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