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A reason for optimism

Agriculture.com Staff 07/06/2010 @ 5:21pm

With growers getting the corn crop in the ground early this year, there is reason to be optimistic about this year's yield.

As a result of corn being planted earlier this year, the growth stages were determined early on, translating to better yields. The overwhelming amount of rain in early June has been the biggest concern to growers in the upper Midwest.

Due to the cool and wet weather, the corn has had a small amount of growth. This small amount of growth has caused the initial potential for a record corn crop to decrease, raising frustration among growers.

The graph illustrates that even with cool conditions, corn is still able to grow, just not as rapidly. With the potential for warm days in July, the corn will still have a chance for some rapid growth. With some dry, warm weather, the corn will be allowed to stretch out and a reasonably good crop of corn will still be harvested.

Despite frustrations growers may have with the loss of a record yield, uncooperative weather and difficulties cultivating, growers should be optimistic about the harvest.

The corn isn't in the bin yet. There is still an opportunity to harvest a good corn crop. The commodity market is good right now, another reason to be optimistic about the yield.

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With growers getting the corn crop in the ground early this year, there is reason to be optimistic about this year's yield.

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