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Planting Progress

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    We've had beautiful weather the last couple days, and the planters are rolling. View this slideshow to see some of the progress.

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    After a minor breakdown, this farmer was able to get 280 corn acres planted near Maxwell, Iowa.

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    Remember to plant according to the conditions you're in at the time. Plant-to-plant uniformity in germination and emergence could be a costly price to pay if you don't.

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    Antonio Mallarino, Iowa State University agronomist, says to not underestimate the value of starter for corn planted late, mainly in cold soils and with a shorter season.

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    Along with using starter fertilizer, this farmer chose to apply a soil insecticide as well.

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    This farmer is planting soybeans into a cover crop near Winterset, Iowa.

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    The biggest concern of this farmer, from central Iowa, is that the weather won't cooperate long enough for him to finish planting.

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    However, if you're thinking the same thing, there's some good news for you. Find out more about the planting window.

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    While still not a common sight in central Iowa, one field had emerged corn near Carlisle.

Spring planting photos

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