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Workin' on a Sunday

  • Workin' on a Sunday

    Minnesota farmers are preparing for a big and early harvest this fall, say Jim Grubish and John Jewison, Waterville, MN

  • Workin' on a Sunday - Sea of tall corn

    "Farmers are expecting a big crop and need a place to put it," Jewison said. "New grain handling equipment is a big thing around here this year."

  • Workin' on a Sunday - "Should be good"

    The crops should be better than last year, Grubish said. "A lot of guys will get over 200 bushels."

  • Workin' on a Sunday - Getting around, or not

    Traveling the back roads on Sunday was met by a good number of road closings. Could make travel between fields tricky during harvest.

  • Workin' on a Sunday - Willing Workers

    Travel the back roads and you'll find treasures like the Warsaw Town Hall, home of the Warsaw Willing Workers 4H Club.

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