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Cover crop updates and articles, from planting to harvest. Find articles on cover crop production, the latest cover crop technology and more.

Here’s Why the Carbon-Nitrogen Ratio Matters By: 03/18/2015 @ 12:48pm

By Gil Gullickson   Ever had a finely tuned vehicle or implement that just purrs as it goes down the road or field?That’s akin to microbes purring in soils with a carbon-to-nitrogen (C:N) ratio of…

Cover the Soil 24-7 By: 03/09/2015 @ 11:35am

Cover crops are a way for the soil to have a living cover throughout the year. Besides slicing erosion, cover crops can boost overall soil function, such as increased water infiltration. “We can never talk…

Ways to Build Soil Health By: 03/09/2015 @ 11:29am

By Kacey Birchmier and Gil Gullickson    Everyone is jumping on the soil health bandwagon these days. Before you do so, consider the answers to these two questions.Can you define soil health?…

Nebraska Growers See Growing Opportunities with Cover Crops By: 02/25/2015 @ 11:39am

There are so many opportunities that cover crops present to farmers, Ben Steffen wonders if they might pave the way for helping young people return to the farm. Steffen, who farms near Burr, Nebraska, has…

Terminating Cover Crops By: 02/16/2015 @ 10:06am

By: Kacey BirchmierWhen it comes to cover crops, priorities are set around seeding methods and potential benefits. However, equal thought should go into their termination. Improperly terminating a cover crop…

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