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Cover crop updates and articles, from planting to harvest. Find articles on cover crop production, the latest cover crop technology and more.

The Advantages of Adding Diversity to Your Rotation By: 09/23/2015 @ 1:00pm

Different root systems have different abilities to break up subsoil compaction. When you are only growing one or two crops, you limit the number of root systems growing in your soil. If possible, Jodi…

Make Cover Crops Your Priority By: 09/22/2015 @ 11:25am

As combines roll through the countryside, it’s time to make cover crops a priority. If you haven’t decided on species or seeding method yet, the decisions may seem overwhelming. Before you select a cover…

#Grow15: Benefits of No-Till, Cover Crops Mimic Mother Nature By: 09/01/2015 @ 10:10pm

In an average year, Norton County, Kansas receives about 25-inches of rainfall. Even if the rain fell at the right time, it is seldom enough to profitably grow a cash crop of corn. This isn't the Corn…

Want More Yield? Broadcast Cover Crops 48 Hours After Harvest! By: 08/30/2015 @ 11:00pm

Many growers are beginning to ask how they should be planting cover crops. BECK’S Cover Crop Establishment Study - 2014 is designed to help answer that question. We will be looking at applying the cover crop…

Women in Ag: Cover Cropping By: 08/25/2015 @ 9:09am

We have been experimenting with cover crops on our farm for a few years now, but this year my brother has started selling cover crop seeds and custom applying them for some of our neighbors. Pictured here is…

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