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It is a scam. 04/10/2014 @ 6:10pm It is a snake oil. You can get similar results minus all the hooplah they write just by using good quality pH adjusted humic acid. It sounds more like a pyramid scheme. Microbes and humic acid have been used for generations by various communities and individuals. There are many many peer reviewed science articles talking about what humic acid can do. More over it is impossible to keep all those microbes alive in that humic solution in such high numbers as they say. School grade science and common sense will tell you that you cannot pack so many numbers in that little space. My guess is that they are just growing a bunch of microbes probably bought from some library with out the right paper work and dumping it into humic acid. I am assuming that they may even be using acids to adjust the pH. I wonder how they got their OMRI certification. OMRI should do a better homework. Any body can grow any microbes and dump it in the humic acid just like the way people have done over long times. If you need a formulation do hit me up. No wonder they took about roughly 18 months to research and come up with this product. All the claims they make, may not have any substantiation at all and even if they had, you may get similar if not exact results just by using good buffered humic acid at a very low price. I am amazed Michigan State University backed this backyard kitchen project. If it was that easy, it would have been figured out a long time ago.

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