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Triple Action SuperU® Controls Nitrogen Loss

05/08/2012 @ 5:38pm SUPERU® stabilized nitrogen fertilizer is an excellent pre-plant, side-dress or top-dress option that provides triple-action protection, controlling volatilization upon application and preventing denitrification and leaching if soil conditions turn wet. SUPERU® fertilizer has the same high N content as urea with the stability of ammonium nitrate with fewer regulatory burdens.

When you fertilize your crop with urea, nitrogen loss starts the moment you apply and can really add up over time. But not if you apply SuperU® nitrogen stabilized fertilizer, which works three ways to control major nitrogen losses. First, SuperU® blocks the enzyme urease to prevent loss into the air. SuperU® technology allows your crop to access the nitrogen it needs immediately, but controls losses in the first critical weeks after application.

SuperU® is the only triple-action urea fertilizer available so it continues to protect your nitrogen from losses due to denitrification and leaching. SUPERU keeps your fertilizer investment from disappearing into thin air, the soil and groundwater. The result is more productive plants that convert that nitrogen into more yields.

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