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Grain handling and storage news and updates. Find articles on grain handling equipment, parts, new products, technology, safety and more. Get information on grain handling on your farm, and get news and updates from experts and other farmers.

Waiting for Corn Drydown Could Cost You By: 09/29/2014 @ 1:51pm

If you are waiting to harvest because of low corn prices and the cost of fuel, you may want to switch your strategy. “You are letting dollars go away to save dimes,”…

Quick Grain Cooldown By: 09/16/2014 @ 3:06pm

A new horizontal air-movement system is promising to cool grain faster while using smaller fans than traditional…

Two Delayed-Cooling Methods By: 09/15/2014 @ 3:58pm

When you need to dry your corn, the grain dryer is often the bottleneck that slows down harvest. Dryeration and…

Grain Drying Issues for 2014 By: 08/19/2014 @ 11:31am

Grain prices are down, yields are expected to be at a record level, and, for the first time in several years, you may store grain for a longer period of time as part of your marketing strategy. In addition…

UNEA Meeting Advocates for Sustainable Agriculture By: 06/25/2014 @ 2:09am

The inaugural United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) got underway in Nairobi, Kenya, with delegates calling for sustainable consumption and production as the best way to achieve food…

13 grain bin checkup tips By: 08/19/2013 @ 1:46pm

Make sure your bins are ready to go this fall with these maintenance tips.

Grain bin monitors: Money in the bank By: 08/19/2013 @ 11:13am

Would you trust a bank to keep your money safe if it had a leaky roof, peeling paint, a cracked foundation, and no security system? Of course not! Neither should you trust a grain bin that isn’t properly…

Prepping bins for prime time By: 07/06/2012 @ 11:10am

If you've ever failed to double-check a grain spreader mounting when tending to preharvest chores, you know what can happen. A suspension chain can come loose, and the spreader will operate in a lopsided…

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