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Monsanto's mobile message

  • 01

    Mobile message

    Monsanto launched its new America's Farmers Mobile Experience with a media preview session at Commodity Classic 2011. This 53-foot trailer becomes a three-room display for use around the nation.

  • 02

    Taking note

    The first group of journalists to tour the mobile unit recorded the story of how the American farmer is using new technologies to help feed the world.

  • 03

    Act I: A growing planet

    Visitors to "Act I" of the mobile unit learn of the food needs of an expanding global population, one that will reach 9 billion people in 2050.

  • 04

    Act II: A movie

    The first tour group in the unit views a video in a 180-degree theater, a program in which an American farmer tells the story of how he and his family are striving to adopt new technology.

  • 05

    Tools and technologies

    Andrea Mitchell shows journalists through Act III of the mobile unit, where visitors learn highlights of the tools and technologies that farmers use in modern production agriculture.

  • 06

    Talking traits

    In the Act III room, the public will learn the story of how plant breeding, biotech, and agronomics combine to help farmers meet the growing demand for food.

  • 07

    Agonomy lesson

    Monsanto's Allen Ciha shows journalists the function of a seed chipper, a device that starts the process of genetic engineering of seed.

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