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Accelerate Emergence for Fall Seeded Alfalfa

08/11/2013 @ 1:45pm

Now that the August winds are blowing, many growers are making plans to seed alfalfa. Prime seeding dates are August 1-15 in northern areas and mid-August to September 1 in southern areas. 

When seeding in late summer or early fall, it’s critical the new growth builds up enough carbohydrates in its crown to safely overwinter. Set up your alfalfa for success. Generally speaking, seed alfalfa 6 to 8 weeks before your area receives a killing frost. Emergence is the critical component to establishing a successful summer seeding alfalfa. 

Seed treatment helps set up the fragile alfalfa seed for emergence success. Latham’s AlfaShield surrounds the alfalfa seed, helping it absorb soil moisture quickly to begin the germination process. AlfaShield also contains key micronutrients, as well as a growth promoter called Optimize Gold, that accelerate emergence.

When using Latham® Hi-Tech Alfalfa, you can have confidence knowing that you have planted the industry’s freshest plant genetics and newest seed treatments to help achieve the highest yield possible. 

Feel free to contact your local Latham® rep to learn more about the products we have available to meet specific growing conditions from high salt soils to leafhopper resistance.  

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