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Stevia Sweet

02/02/2013 @ 8:43am

Please visit SteviaSweet.Org . We are agri-industrial pioneers and main stevia sweet producers with plantations in Paraguay (South America) and California- USA.

We are currently shipping from our plantations in Paraguay (South America) homeland of stevia.

We export stevia sweet seeds from Paraguay - homeland of stevia- with the highest quality. Our plantations and products have european certification EU 396/2005 (no chemicals used). We ship leaves with phytosanitary certificates from the Sanitation Comittee of South America (COSAVE). 

- Stevia seeds live for 90 days at warm temperature. 18 months at 4C in refrigerators.
- Stevia plants need cross polination by native insects. Seeds produced in cities or areas that lack flying insects are not fertile.
- We offer international phytosanitary certificates, professional production protocol, reliable and serious website. Occasional sellers do not have any kind of certification or reliable website.

Stevia Sweet 


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