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Farmers Adjust Crop Management Techniques to Address Growing Crop Stress Issues

Stoller USA Updated: 06/05/2012 @ 10:24am Unleashing the Power of Plants

According to a recent USDA Crop Progress report a remarkable 92% of the corn in the top 18 corn growing states had emerged as of May 27, 2012. Compared to the previous four-year average of 69%, the 2012 growing season seems to be off to a solid start.

Mild winter conditions and warm spring temperatures created favorable conditions for an early 2012 planting season. And while farmers were able to get the crops in ahead of schedule the downside to such conditions are the extremely low soil moisture levels. Waiting for weather systems to make up lost ground, growers instead continue to experience high winds and abnormally warm temperatures.

In addition to the heat and drought-like stress conditions, pest issues have been reported to be appearing earlier with more intensity than recent years.  Growers have stepped up crop scouting activities to identify pest and disease issues early. 

In an effort to manage the crop stress issues now in play, a growing numbers of farmers are tweaking their crop management programs by including Stoller’s Bio-Forge in early foliar applications of pesticides.

By adding 1 pint per acre with other pesticides or herbicides growers are experiencing a boost in crop health and  a yield-enhancing potential. Bio-Forge is perfect where low-rate multiple applications are preferred. Rates can be adjusted to ½ pint for earlier applications and then repeated for later applications. This cost effective approach works by up-regulating key genes associated with drought tolerance and genes associated with root growth for continuous nutrient uptake and appropriate hormone balance.

Farmers report seeing substantial and healthy root systems that grow continuous new root tips for increased nutrient and moisture uptake.  Healthier plants are better able to withstand disease and pest pressures while maximizing the positive impact of other inputs and chemicals.

“Bio-Forge is a proven technology that is easy to use,” shares Dr. Wayne Smith, plant pathologist and General Manager of StollerUSA. “By just adding ounces/acre to the other inputs in their foliar application, farmers receive the yield-enhancing benefits that help manage the crop stress issues we are seeing this season.” 

Known for its effectiveness and ease of use, Bio-Forge tank-mixes easily with most herbicide and pesticide inputs for improved efficiency of application. Bio-Forge can be used as a seed treatment (Bio-Forge ST), in furrow, or in foliar applications. 

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