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Tea seed powder and the application in agriculture

08/25/2013 @ 10:31pm

The Tea seed powder is the residue of tea seeds (also named camellia seeds) after camellia oil extractionThe product contains dried seeds of the species Camellia sp., The substance contains high amounts of saponins, believed to be the biologically active fraction of the extract.Tea seed powder is a natural pesticide, which is widely used for cleaning the pond and killing the snails, earthworm, clam, tadpole and other pestsIt can accelerate the growth of algal according to decompose organic fertilizerAnd it can be used as nature organic fertilizer because of high content of protein.

The tea seed trees are mainly planted in China southern area where the climate is most suitable for camellia species, and accordingly there is a company named Xian Shan Yuan is professionally in research and as a biggest exporter of this product.

1.) Killing snails with high effect and no pollution: Tea seed powder is trusted to be an traditional but most effective product can be used in paddy field, vegetable field, flower field and golf court to kill apple snail, golden apple, Amazonian snail, earthworm and so oneAnd it won’t bring harm to the rice, vegetable, flower and grass.

2.) Cleaning pond with no pollution: Tea seed powder can kill the unusable fish, loach, tadpole, frog-spawn and other aquicolous insectsIt also can accelerate the growth of aquatic-gross and fasten the exuviations of shrimp and crab, but never threaten them.

3.) Natural organic fertilizer: Tea seed powder can adjust the soil trace elements and promote the growth of plant rootsIt can get rid of the pests, diseases, virus, and even enhance the resistibility to the pests and diseases.

4.) Green washing product: Tea seed powder is rich in saponin contentIt can discompose the pesticide residuals and greasy dirt, it can be used as shampoo and daily cleaning.

Suggested dosage:

Rice: 2-5 cm 5-10 kgs
Water Chest Nut: 1-3 cm 10-30 kgs
Lotus: 1-2 cm 10-30 kgs
Water Arum: 5-10 cm 10-20 kgs
Vegetable: – 20-30 kgs

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06/18/2014 @ 12:53am Really it is good and very effective for our farming sectors. Plant foods are very essential for plant growth and good production. Our agriculture department try to enhance the quality of fertilizer. Composition of a fertilizer plays a vital role in farm industries. Tea seed powder is very popular and appreciable by farmers due to its good effects on plant.

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Suitable for Agriculture Usage 09/04/2013 @ 2:01am It is a most traditional but very effective product.

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