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Experts encourage: despite planting delays, don't skip the residuals

05/11/2011 @ 11:31am

Benefits of applying a residual now
Though weather may slow growers eager to get into the fields, researchers continue to recommend residual herbicides before planting as a key component of a sound weed management program.

Beyond long-lasting weed control, why residuals are critical:
  • Preparing for unpredictable weather and post-planting weed flushes
    "When you have a residual herbicide in place, adverse weather after planting becomes less problematic. By using a preemerge residual, a grower helps to eliminate the loss of potential yield and insures maximum profitability—while also managing time and managing the potential of resistance to other herbicides."
    —Dr. Mike Owen, weed scientist, Iowa State University
  • Resistance management
    "By applying a residual herbicide, we can extend the window for putting on a postemergence herbicide to reduce yield loss and also reduce the exposure of our worst weed problems to glyphosate. I think that's the key to resistance management—simply not exposing weed species to the same mode of action numerous times."
    —Dr. Bill Johnson, weed scientist, Purdue University

What to expect from a residual
University of Missouri Weed Scientist Dr. Kevin Bradley suggests at least a month of weed control early in the season is critical for both an agronomic and an economic benefit.

"Four weeks is a realistic amount of control to expect from a residual—six weeks would be great. You should get at least a month of residual so that your program can include one preemergence herbicide and one postemergence spray and you're done."
—Dr. Kevin Bradley, weed scientist, University of Missouri

"Length of control is the top priority when selecting a herbicide. Residual herbicides such as Valor®, Valor XLT and Gangster® offer long-lasting and also broad spectrum control, helping growers manage weeds this spring."
—Dawn Refsell, field market development specialist, Valent U.S.A. Corporation

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