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Round two for field fixers

On nearly every farm, there's always that field that doesn't quite fit.

Maybe it's one that has gumbo soils, those fine-grained silty soils that are pinesap sticky when wet and diamond hard when dry. Maybe it's a field that's a magnet for diseases like white mold. Or maybe it's one that's singed with soybean cyst nematode, a major soybean scourge across the U.S.

Help is on the way. It's all part of the High Yield Team in which Successful Farming magazine has partnered with the AgriEdge Soybean Program from Syngenta. This component of the program pairs High Yield Team expert panel members with farmers who would like advice on how to boost soybean yields on their problem fields.

Last year, Palle Pedersen, an Iowa State University Extension agronomist, paired up with John Fredrickson, a Gowrie, Iowa, farmer.

Further north, Mark Bernard, a New Richland, Minnesota, crop consultant matched up with Steve Houzenga, a New Richland, Minnesota, farmer.

Once again this year, expert panelists will partner with High Yield Team farmers. Experts will visit farmer fields during the growing season and give team members advice on how to boost soybean yields.

E-mail me if you're interested in participating. If you aren't already a High Yield Team member, you can still sign up.

On nearly every farm, there's always that field that doesn't quite fit.

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