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October 2004

Agriculture.com Staff 02/09/2016 @ 11:54am

My computer crashed and I finally have a new one, so I am going to try to catch you up on the month that has passed. October started warm and sunny. The first weekend we had unexpected company from a family that we were friends with where we used to live. Wayne, Froi and Jacqulyn stopped by on Thurs, Sept. 30th for a few hours then continued on to Idaho for a wedding. It was the first time that they saw our ranch so I showed them around then they had to go find Shawn who was still working at 9 pm.

Sunday the 3rd, Shawn went to work on his fuel truck at the bulk plant and I did house work. Then we went to pick up our 10 cows that we bought. They were only a couple of miles away so it didn't take too long. We can only fit 8 of them in our trailer at a time so we made two trips. We had 6 in the first load and 4 in the second.

That afternoon, Wayne and Frois son Luke and his wife Jennifer called and wanted to come visit. Luke used to work for us before we moved. They came Sunday evening and stayed until Tuesday. We had a great visit it was fun seeing them. The last time we saw them was last Feburary when we went to their wedding.

Then the second week things were busy as usual. I stayed busy at the store and with housework. Shawn drove to Pasco all week and was able to get some things at the ranch put away for winter. On Friday night, very late, my brother Craig, nephew Luke who is 4 and our cousin David arrived for deer hunting. They stayed in our travel trailer so I had eveything ready for them when they got here and we just went to bed. When they came in Saturday morning, I got ready to go to the store and took Luke with me so that Shawn, Craig and David could go hunting. Luke was great entertainment at the store. The people who were in for coffee all had to play with him.

Our friend Debbie had a birthday on the 12th so we went to dinner Saturday night. The guys were still hunting so Luke and I went. He slept thru most of it and never did eat his dinner but we had fun. Sunday Luke and I stayed home while the guys went out again. Then we went to Bobbie and Kenny's for the evening.

Monday, Shawn went to work and Luke and I went to the store. Craig and David hunted then went scouting around. They even took Luke for a while. When he got back, he was ready for a nap so he layed down on some feed sacks in the feed room. He took about a two-hour nap and I just had to take pictures. He is too cute!

Tuesday Shawn had to work again and Craig and David hunted. Luke and I were at the store all morning, then Jessica came in and worked so Luke and I could go to the mill to pick up feed. David got his buck Tuesday evening but Shawn and Craig were out of luck. The guys had to leave on Wednesday. Shawn had to run two trips to Pasco. Luke came to work with me so Craig could hunt one last time. Then he and David loaded their 4 wheelers into the back of Craigs' pickup so that they could take Sunny with them in the trailer. There was a horse sale about an hour from Craig's house on the 15th which was in 2 days. They stopped to pick up Luke at about noon.

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