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How To Farm Safely & Effectively With John Deere

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With great power comes great responsibility, and people who have used John Deere equipment realize that the machines they operate can pose a danger if the proper safety etiquette is not practiced by operators.

The company has installed every safeguard possible to prevent an injury to anyone using the equipment, but there are several steps that people can take prior to starting up their machines.

John Deere outlined several steps that operators should take in preparing their machines for work. Users should make increasing the visibility of the equipment a priority, as this can prevent an accident.

Owners should have proper lights on all of their equipment, they should install Slow-Moving Vehicle signs and they should replace faded reflectors on their John Deere machines.

Individuals should think about whether other drivers can see them coming, and when you transport equipment it is important to remain visible, especially during inclement weather and night travelling.

If an owner has any questions as to whether their equipment is visible, they should stop by a John Deere dealer in order to have the proper safety check performed and any necessary parts installed.

It is better to be safe than sorry and owners should realize even the most reliable equipment can change over time. Wear and tear on a machine can lead to rusting or fading of signs and reflectors, and it is vital that operators keep these updated and new.

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