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7 summertime recipes

  • Berry-rhubarb summer pudding

    Rhubarb and fresh berries make a scrumptious fruit compote, spooned over brioche or challah bread, and topped with homemade creme fraiche. Get the recipe.

  • Summer solstice bread

    This artisan-style bread makes perfect cold summer sandwiches. Top it with Roma tomatoes from your garden or the farmer's market. Get the recipe.

  • Summer peach pie twisters

    Try this twist on peach pie when entertaining. This fabulous dessert is served warm standing upright in a glass with a scoop of ice cream. Your guests will be impressed! Get the recipe.

  • Strawberry beef summer salad

    Thin-sliced, marinated grilled flank steak makes the perfect topping for a fresh salad with spinach leaves, berries, Italian parsley, kiwi, and oranges. Orange-balsamic vinaigrette tops it off. Get the recipe.

  • Summer corn fritters

    Don't let that leftover sweet corn go to waste! With a few quick steps, you can turn it into a cruncy, tasty snack or appetizer. Get the recipe.

  • Pesto chicken with summer squash

    What will you do with all the zucchini and summer squash growing in your garden? This dish is the answer! Get the recipe.

  • Sweet corn shortcakes with summer berries

    Corn meal and buttermilk give these shortcakes an unexpected, irresistable texture and flavor. Top with whatever fresh berries you have on hand, and a dollop of whipped cream. Get the recipe.

These dishes have "summer" right in their name, so they're perfect for this time of year!

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