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Celebrate Dairy Month with Cheesy Recipes

06/07/2013 @ 6:52am

Sarah Mumm isn’t a typical work-from-home mom.  Every morning at 6 a.m. and again every evening at 6 p.m., you’ll find her milking her 50 registered Holstein dairy cows in a picturesque white dairy barn nestled in the hills of rural Grant County Wisconsin.  Owning a dairy herd has been a dream since she was a little girl, growing up on a dairy farm about 30 minutes from here.

“People often ask why I milk 50 cows.  It’s the perfect number for me because of the space we have here and the amount of time it takes to chore and milk,” says Sarah, who got her first milking job when she was 16 for a family with a Jersey herd.  That family’s optimism about the dairy business was one of the reasons Sarah attended the University of Wisconsin short course for Dairy Herd Management.  

It takes Sarah about 1½ hours to complete her shift of milking.  While she does the morning milking, her husband Joe stays inside with their two sons: Vincent, age 3½, and Mitchell, age 2. Once the milking is done, Joe leaves for his seasonal job at Majestic View Dairy in Lancaster.  Sarah keeps busy all day long with their boys.  There’s a lot of “farming” to be done as the boys’ extra large sandbox is filled with tractors and equipment.  They also enjoy gathering eggs from their laying hens, helping take care of the calves and taking care of their two pigs.

“We want our boys to know where their food comes from, so we raise a little bit of everything,” says Sarah with a warm smile.  She and Joe met at Majestic View where she was a herdsman and he worked with the crop side of the business.  It wasn’t long before Sarah bought a few cows of her own, and Joe proposed to her on the same day she started milking them. 

Today Joe and Sarah operate Vin-Rose Dairy.  They make their home on the same farm where Joe was raised.  They raise crops 50:50 with their landlord, who lives in California, and comes to stay in Wisconsin for about one month each summer.

“There just aren’t enough words to explain how fortunate we feel to raise our family on a farm,” says Sarah.  “Our boys learn so much just by watching us.  They have an understanding of life and death.  They grasp that seeds get planted, so crops can be harvested for food.  They learn how to care for animals.  And they enjoy eating food from our garden.”

Sarah is sharing some of her family’s favorites.  Cheesy potatoes are a family favorite on Sundays, and banana bread with a glass of milk is one of her boys’ favorite snacks.  Click here for a link to recipes Sarah shared for Peanut Butter Banana Shakes and Banana Bread.  

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