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July 12-18

Agriculture.com Staff 11/26/2015 @ 11:48am

We have had a busy week. I was on the phone a lot with my suppliers for the store, Shawn drove to Boise all week and Wayne finished baling.

With Shawn's long days, I did the chores and most of the irrigating. I take the dogs with me and they love it. First thing they do is get in the ditch. Hannah doesn't go to far in, but Tess swims in it. They love to chase varmints. Tess has finally learned that she doesn't always get to chase cows and calves. A few days of being left behind really helped. Now if I can get her to leave the goats alone. She wants to play with them and they don't like it.

Annie (the goat) and the kids are working great. I put them in at night but turn them loose every morning. They have stayed where we want them to so far. If they wander off too far, I call Annie and they come running. I know that the day is coming when they get in the yard and eat my flowers, but so far they are working out!

Wayne baled 170 of the mid-sized bales. That is more than we got off of the field last year and we didn't even turn on the irrigation. We got lucky this year. Shawn and I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday getting them out of the field and stacked in the barnyard. He ran the tractor and I drove his pickup pulling our little trailer. I was able to bring in 13 bales and he brought 2. We are both surprised and amazed that we didn't lose a bale off of the trailer. The road from the field to the barnyard is pretty rough! They were 3 high with one on top to help hold them together. What a sight to look in the mirror and all that you see is hay swaying back and forth! I figured that the first load was my test. Well, I passed and Shawn said that he was impressed that I did so well and didn't lose any bales. It is so nice to know that he appreciates my help -- makes me want to help more often!

I am going to Spokane, Washington, Monday morning for a couple of days. My animal health supplier is doing a dealer training at their warehouse. So on Sunday, while Shawn was unloading the trailer in the barnyard, I ran in the house to get laundry and housework done. It is surprising how much I can get done in little 10-minute breaks. I left him a list of everything to do so that he doesn't forget anyone or to water the flowers. I hate to take off when there is so much to do but I really need to go to this training. Hopefully they don't send him to Boise so his days will be a little shorter.

Lostine, Wallowa County, Oregon

Business: Cattle, crops

Secret weapon: An ag-friendly community with great mentors

Open a tack and feed store

Start a cattle herd

Repair and rejuvenate newly purchased ranch

Adopt a child (Not necessarily in that order)

We have had a busy week. I was on the phone a lot with my suppliers for the store, Shawn drove to Boise all week and Wayne finished baling.

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