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June 14 - June 20, 2004

Agriculture.com Staff 11/29/2015 @ 8:38pm

We had a few rain showers this week but not really enough to stop anyone completely. It slowed everyone down a little but not much! Lots of haying going on all over the county. We looked at equipment off and on all week and finally found a rake and baler. Now we can do our own haying. Shawn has already started cutting and will probably have the first cutting done and stacked by the end of the week. It is always a great feeling to get that first hay stacked for the year.

We bought a two-tie baler for now because the hay is easier to sell when it is in small bales that people can still handle with out a tractor. We will get a bigger baler down the road to do at least part of the hay because it is less work to feed a larger number of animals with the bigger bales.

Shawn is driving truck every day in addition to haying so he is going to be putting in some very long hours this week. We have irrigation going in the pastures but not any hay fields, so that is a little easier. We are trying to get our yard in shape this year and I have several things that I need Shawn's help with. I will do what I can myself and try to catch him between cuttings for what I need help with. I need the tractor that he is haying with to pull out some very overgrown bushes. We also have more fencing to do.

I ran a lot of errands last week and Jessica tagged along. We did take time to stop for lunch or get a treat while there, and Saturday we took Lilly the neighbor girl and went to the Summerfest Parade in Enterprise, which is about 12 miles away. After the parade we had to pick up baling twine for Shawn and both girls tried to talk me into taking a bunny home from the Co-Op. They were out of luck but later in the day the three of us did go to another neighbor's and pick out three orange kittens for our barn.

Sunday morning, Jessica and I left bright and early for our trip back towards her house. Since it was Father's Day, we planned a family picnic. Jessica's family lives 10 hours away and my brother's family lives 7 hours away. We found a fun little ghost town that is in the middle of the state to meet. Jessica and I picked up my dad in Pendleton, which is about 2 hours from us, on our way. We dropped off Dad/Grandpa at almost 7pm and got home just after dark. It was a very long day.

There are seven grandkids and Dad doesn't get to see them very often, so he had a great Father's Day with all three of his kids and the grandkids. We enjoyed it so much, we hope to meet next year in the same place. Jessica went home with her parents and I brought her sister Haylee home with me. She is 6 years old and just as horse crazy as I am, so we plan on doing a lot of riding. Her parents and sisters will come up for the 4th of July and get her.

The weather is supposed to hold, so Shawn hopes to finish the first cutting of hay this next week. I am done with my meetings with the business facilitator, so plan on getting more yard work done while I have the time and spend time with Haylee. We are also going to start taking down the corral so we can rebuild it.

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