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May 10-16, 2004Busy season is here!

Agriculture.com Staff 11/26/2015 @ 10:35pm

We woke up to rain Monday morning and it rained most of the week. I had 4 meetings with the business facilitator working on projections for my store. Shawn drove 4 days so not much time to do much around here, especially with it raining so much. He did manage to get about a day and a half of rock picking done.

It was dry most of Saturday so we both headed outside. Shawn picked rocks and I did chores then went for a nice long ride on Sneaky. We live right below a timber company's 11,000 acres, and behind them are thousands of acres of National Forest ground. Plenty of room to ride, hunt and hike. It rained a little while we were in the trees but not enough to make me stop. What a beautiful ride and so peaceful.

Thursday night we went to an irrigation meeting that was open to the public. A ditch company is wanting to repair or replace a dam at the lake in the upper valley and it has become quite controversial. We came away much more informed about what was going on and we both tend to agree with the ditch company's idea.

Shawn is on the Board of Directors for the ditch that we irrigate from, and in the long run this dam could have an affect on those of us in the lower valley that irrigate. It seems that there are always people unhappy when it come to irrigating. We didn't irrigate where we lived before so this is new to us. We are lucky that we have good water rights and that for the most part, everyone on our ditch seems to get along. We have had so much rain that we still haven't had to turn on our water. I am sure that this will not last long and we are ready to start when we need to.

We brought Sunny home this week. Sneaky was very happy to have her friend home. I will take her to the vet's office at the end of the month for an ultrasound to see if she is bred. In the mean time, I am still doctoring her shoulder and she is still sore. If she isn't better when she goes in for the ultrasound, I will have the vet look at her shoulder too.

The one day that Shawn didn't have to work, he spent the morning at the bulk plant putting a new track and rollers on a sliding door for his boss. Then he did chores and figured out dinner since I was still gone. I am very lucky to have a husband that is willing to help in the house when he has time (or gets rained out). Makes it easier for me to help him when he needs it outside. Looks like Shawn will be in the truck at least 5 days per week again soon. Things were slow when the loggers we not working. They have a spring layoff here due to snow melting and it getting so muddy in the woods. They are pretty much back to their normal busy schedules now.

Between my trip to Mom's and being busy working on my store, I have not been to the Antiques Shop in over a week. I decided that I needed to focus on getting my own store open and quit working at the shop. I know that my boss is very disappointed but he is also supportive. I really want to be open before the 1st of July so need to spend a lot of hours getting things done.

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