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May 24-30, 2004

Agriculture.com Staff 11/30/2015 @ 2:00am

We had rain almost all week again. I was told by one rancher that he has over 4 inches in his rain gauge from the last 2 weeks. There are stock ponds that have been dry for years that are now full. I have to admit, not having to irrigate is kind of nice.

I sure would like to get out in my yard and get some flowers planted. It stays cold at night here for quite a while and everyone says to wait until Memorial Day to plant annuals. Now I can get busy! The weather is supposed to clear off this week and maybe rain again for the weekend so I hope to be outside as much as possible.

Shawn was in the truck all week and two of the days were extra long. He managed to get some stuff done at the end of the week. He moved equipment around and cleaned up his Peterbilt and lowboy that we are selling. We used the truck to pull the lowboy and grain trailers. He moved equipment from field to field in the Willamette Valley and hauled the grass seed to the cleaners. We don't really need them here. No seed to haul and we can drive the equipment where we need to go.

I worked on my store some more but still have a couple more meetings with the facilitator. I am waiting for some numbers from suppliers so we can finish everything. Hopefully we will have everything this week. I got a cross fence started in the horse pasture but the rain kept me from finishing it. I am sure I can get it done this week.

Shawn's friend Jim came up for the weekend so we took some time off for a drive and he came along to move cows.

We helped Bobbie and Kenny Baker move 100 cow/calf pairs and 5 bulls up the road into the hills to new pasture. Bobbie's parents, Perry and Donna Mae Johnston, helped too. It took us a little over two hours to get them up there. Then we went across the canyon to put salt out. Wow, what a view! We used four-wheelers and I was a little nervous going through the canyon but I made it. By the time they are done moving cattle this year I should be quite comfortable on an ATV, but I still prefer to ride a horse if given a choice. We only got rained on when we were headed back to the pickups, but we dried off fast.

Since we were already up there, we also moved a group of Perry and Donna Mae's cows and calves. We didn't have to take them down the road. We moved them through a couple of pastures to get to the field they needed to be in. Kenny has a Ranger 6x6 that he drives and on the way back to the pickups, he let me try it to see if I liked it. It felt less tippy and was fun to drive. We loaded up and went into town for lunch at the LT. It was a late lunch at about 2:30 pm.

We always have fun working with the Bakers and Johnstons and they are great at answering all of our questions about what they do and why.

I am taking Sunny in for an ultra sound this week to see if she is bred. We will also start irrigating and hopefully finish the cross fence.

Location: Lostine, Wallowa County, Oregon

Business: Cattle, crops

Secret weapon: An ag-friendly community with great mentors

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