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May 31 - June 6, 2004

Agriculture.com Staff 11/29/2015 @ 5:09pm

We finally got a little break in the weather. We had a few days rain free but it is raining again. I got a little work done outside. I managed to do some weeding in the flowerbeds and decided to start over with some of them. I also spent more time with my horses and the dogs. Tess loves to help move cows (even if we don't want them moved). Hannah likes to help too, but she waits for us to say that it is OK! I hope to spend more time with each of them separately so they are better help and stop when we tell them to. I rode Sneaky twice this week and Sunny's leg is getting better so I should get to ride her soon.

Shawn had one day off in the middle of the week and he got a lot done outside too. He said that if he could have had just a couple more hours with no rain, he would have been done picking rocks in the big field that we are planting wheat in this fall. As soon as he gets a break in the rain he will finish rock picking then take the cultivator out there and go over it with that. He hopes to get over it several times this summer before he plants. He sold the Peterbilt and lowboy on Friday and plans to use some of the money to buy a small baler and hay rake.

I talked to my landlord for the store and got that all taken care of. She marked July 14 on her calendar for the opening day! I hope we make it, there is so much to do before getting the doors open. I also talked to a couple of people to get quotes for a sign and sent in the registration papers to the state. Hopefully the name will be Lostine Ranch Supply!

We started our wheel line in the hay field and the flooding in the pasture. We had water flying for a couple of days. The sprocket on the wheel line mover broke some teeth so Shawn has to do some welding on it to rebuild them. It is turned off for now, it started raining again and Shawn can't get out there with the pickup with out making a mess of the field, since it is so wet. I guess if you have to break down, it is best to do it when it is raining.

We moved the mares into the corral to eat down the grass there and brought the cows up into the horse pasture to eat what the horses are not eating. We will move everyone back after about 10 days. Took Sunny to the vet on Friday to have an ultrasound, and she is not bred. I will have to take her back to the stud in a week or two. There is another mare there now, so when she leaves Sunny will go back there.

They are forecasting rain again for this next week so we'll have to wait and see what we can get done outside. Hope to do more yard work and get the gated pipe turned on in the alfalfa field. I am planning to go to the Willamette Valley to attend my cousin Ryan's graduation party and see my Grandma again. I hope to buy some flowers at one of my favorite nurseries while I am there.

Location: Lostine, Wallowa County, Oregon

Business: Cattle, crops

Secret weapon: An ag-friendly community with great mentors

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