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November 22-29, 2004Wallowa winter wonderland

Agriculture.com Staff 11/30/2015 @ 12:49pm

Annette and Shawn's nieces and nephews, Justin, 11, Megan, 8, Katie, 6, and Luke, 4, spent Thanksgiving at the Zielinski ranch.

The week started out cold but no snow. Shawn kept the animals fed and I worked on things for the store. We gave our chickens to one of my customers. We felt like they were being neglected, their pen needed work to get it winterized and we really didn't have the time for them. We are going to miss the eggs, but Carrie says that she will bring us some when ever we want them.

Shawn wet to Pasco on Monday. Tuesday he went to Colfax, WA, for his boss to pick up two pieces of farm equipment. He drove his fuel truck and pulled a different trailer. His boss and his hired hand drove in a pickup and another farmer from Enterprise rode with Shawn. Earl and Shawn had met but really didn't know each other. They both like farm equipment so they had no problem finding something to talk about. One of the pieces of equipment was Earl's. We met Earl and his family through a mutual friend of ours before we moved up here. It was a long 14-hour day so I did chores when I got home.

Wednesday, Shawn went to Pasco again then he had the rest of the week off for the holiday. I worked on my open house plans for the store and got my ads out. Sales continue to be steady and it seems like we get a new customer almost daily. I was closed Thursday and Friday but open Saturday. I had lots of help with Shawn and my brother's family here. Sales were great on Saturday. Four people ordered a ton each, and we stayed busy loading people with smaller purchases. Some of the one-ton orders were of something I have not even had in the store yet so that was nice. The guys even cleaned and moved some of the heavy items around for me. Now I need to finish decorating for Christmas and prepare the food for the open house.

Craig, Patty and the kids arrived around midnight Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. We had a great visit. They kids loved helping Uncle Shawn with the chores. Justin was a great help, between him and Shawn, I didn't feed all weekend. We stayed home all day Thursday, only going outside to take care of the animals. Friday I took the girls to LaGrande at 5am to go shopping and Shawn took the boys for a drive. Saturday we all went to the store and Shawn took Craig, Patty, Justin and Luke to the Johnston ranch so Justin could look at steers for 4-H. The girls stayed at the store with me. Perry is going to weigh a few and then Justin can go from there.

Here, the nieces and nephews help Uncle Shawn feed cattle.

Neighboring rancher Perry Johnston shows Annette's sister-in-law, Patty, and her son, Justin, some steers for a 4-H project.

Justin is looking for market steers for the Yamhill County Fair.

Saturday evening it started to snow and snow and snow. Sunday morning, everything was covered. The kids loved it! Justin went and looked at the steers one last time then we all headed to Weston which is about an hour and a half from here. We met Dad and Marilyn, his sisters, an uncle and a cousin for brunch. Our cousin Chuck lives in Baton Rouge, LA, and it has been years since we last saw him. His parents, Aunt Treva (Dad's sister) and Uncle Will just moved back to Oregon from Mississippi. Then Craig and his family headed home from there. We drove through quite a bit of snow but we had a great time.

It is quiet at our house again. Shawn is back to driving (and putting chains on) and I am back to the store. This week we also need to go to the mill to pick up everything that I ordered, and our Open House is Saturday. We will also have to make sure that we keep everything from freezing, we are getting a very cold spell.

Annette and Shawn's nieces and nephews, Justin, 11, Megan, 8, Katie, 6, and Luke, 4, spent Thanksgiving at the Zielinski ranch.

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