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November 29-December 5, 2004All decked out

Agriculture.com Staff 11/27/2015 @ 10:10pm

A light blanket of snow covers the Zielinski ranch, as seen from the neighboring Johnston ranch.

It is cold here, but beautiful. The snow has covered the ground and everything is white. We have stock tank de-icers and heated buckets and bowls so we shouldn't have to break any ice this year! Sure don't miss that!

Shawn drove the fuel truck Monday through Thursday. Friday, he went to Hermiston to the feed mill for me. He brought back 8 tons of feed and minerals. Five tons of it never made it to the store, as Shawn made deliveries on Saturday while I held my open house!

My open house went very well. I also had a bus tour stop both in the morning and again in the evening. I am usually open from 9am to 3pm, but on Saturday this week I was there from 8am until almost 8pm. I was exhausted.

Lostine Ranch Supply is all decked out for the holidays, thanks to some loyal customers and friends who helped decorate.

The inside of the store is also dressed for Christmas. The saddles are on consignment, and the basket and tub on the floor hold birdseed and horse and dog treats, which Annette gave away at the holiday open house.

We had a cattle truck carrying 81 yearling heifers tip over just out of town, killing 23 head. The driver was OK. Our power and phone service were out for several hours but I still had customers coming in.

Shawn stayed for a few hours after he was done with deliveries to visit with the men. I had lots of food and several door prizes to give away.

The store is all decorated for Christmas, we even have lights up outside thanks to a customer and her son. Pam and Zack Lathrop did a great job!

Everyone is gearing up for calving season which starts just after the first of the year. Shots, eartags and iodine are the usual needs right now. Also still getting orders for winter minerals. I almost have enough ordered to get the 6-ton price break.

No big plans for next week. It is supposed to warm up, which means things could get pretty muddy. We are looking forward to a quiet week.

A light blanket of snow covers the Zielinski ranch, as seen from the neighboring Johnston ranch.

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