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November 8-14, 2004Dinner for horse owners a success

Agriculture.com Staff 11/29/2015 @ 1:30pm

The week started off cold and cloudy. Sure can tell that winter is here. We have had snow flurries but it isn't sticking, yet!

Shawn went to Pasco all week then came to the store to see if I needed help before going home to do chores. We are feeding hay to everyone now and will through March or April. Right now we are using the four-wheeler with a trailer and feeding small bales, but we will soon be feeding the big bales with the tractor.

Things at the store are busy. With growing sales plus all the activities I have planned there is never a dull moment. Wednesday was my horse dinner and program. We had about 25 people there and everyone learned something new. The speakers were great. Jon talked about worming and Will spoke about vaccination programs. Everyone went home with horse treats and No Image samples. Next is the open house. I was originally going to have it Thanksgiving weekend but decided to change the date to December 4. I am taking Thanksgiving day and the day after off and the store will be closed. I hope to get the Christmas decorating done on Friday.

Thursday was another trip to the Feed Mill for 8 ton of feed for the store. It was also our 9th anniversary so I had Jessica run the store and I went with Shawn. After we got loaded, we stopped at the truck stop for dinner at A&W. Dinner was good and we were able to spend several hours together (something that we don't get to do to often anymore). When we got back to the store we unloaded a couple of tons into the store then took 4 ton and unloaded it into our stock trailer. Friday we each delivered a ton to customers. We don't do a lot of delivering but the last several loads have had special orders for ranches and it is easier to take the ton or more right to them instead of trying to figure out where to put it in the store. I don't have much storage and need all that I do have for the regular feeds that I carry.

The week ended quietly, I even managed to get some house work done. Next week, Shawn is going to the Willamette Valley for the weekend to visit some friends and we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving company. We will probably have to go to the mill for more feed and we might see more snow!

The week started off cold and cloudy. Sure can tell that winter is here. We have had snow flurries but it isn't sticking, yet!

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