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July 19-25

Agriculture.com Staff 12/01/2015 @ 6:55am

After getting the animals taken care of, I was on my way to Spokane! Made a couple of quick stops in Enterprise on the way. I had to stop at the FSA office to pick up our contract for the EQIP cost share program that we are doing for a new and different irrigation system in our cow pasture. It is a water conservation program to better utilize the water we irrigate with. We wanted to change the flood irrigation to sprinklers and with this cost sharing, we can do it sooner than if we paid for all of it ourselves.

Five long hours later, I was finally in Spokane. Just in time for their rush hour! I found my hotel and stayed there until morning. (Guess I have really gotten spoiled living here and having so little traffic.) The dealer training that I went to was very helpful and informative, well worth the trip!

Sadly on my way up and on the way back, I had to take detours for accidents. There were two near Spokane that used the same detour, one on the way up and the second on the way back. The third was just outside of Lostine -- Shawn called my cell phone to tell me how to get around it on the back roads. All three were caused by drivers going to fast and crossing into the oncoming traffic. It sure makes a person more aware of their own driving!

Thursday, I met with my feed salesman and got things figured out there. Friday, I signed my lease, and Saturday I got my keys!! Now the real work begins! Lostine Ranch Supply should be open for business on August 9 or 10.

Shawn didn't have to drive to Boise, so his days were much shorter. He also had Friday off so was able to get a lot of little jobs done that have been put off, like oil changes. He has irrigation water going everywhere. The gated pipe and the wheeline are both going in the hay field and he is still flooding the pasture. I only helped one day this week.

On Sunday when Shawn moved the wheeline down the hill from one end of the hayfield to the other, a coupling busted off of a pipe so Shawn took it to Enterprise to be fixed on Monday! So the wheeline is shut off for right now, but hopefully they can get it fixed quick so that by Monday evening we can get it going again.

Saturday I took Sneaky out for a nice long ride up above our place. The view from up there is amazing. For me, riding is very relaxing, no noise but the wildlife and being up in the trees is also cooler.

Sunday we went to the Bakers for haircuts -- Bobbie is a hairdresser so we have her do our cuts! Then we all went to the LT to visit with our usual group! I will be working on cleaning my building for my store all week in addition to talking to my suppliers. We are also helping the Johnstons move cows and calves up on our rented ground. We are hoping to get a new fence built along the road to the hay field so that we can move the cows and calves that we have here into a new pasture.

Looks like we will be busy as usual.

Location: Lostine, Wallowa County, Oregon

Business: Cattle, crops

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