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Have a country-style Easter!

  • Easter -- and spring -- mean new beginnings. Celebrate the season with these recipes, tips, and memories from!

    Egg and potato casserole

    Start your Easter Sunday with a hearty breakfast! This delicious casserole can easily be personalized with your favorite additions, like bacon, asparagus, or broccoli. Get the recipe!

  • Easter service

    Easter is a very special holiday for Women in Ag editor Lisa Prater and her family. Twelve years ago, the choice they made on Easter changed their lives forever. Read a new column from Lisa!

  • Host an egg hunt!

    You don't have to have a house full of kids to hold a fantastic Easter egg hunt. If there are no little ones in your family, invite friends or neighbors with children. If there are calves, lambs, or other baby animals for them to visit, all the better! To keep things healthier, fill some of the eggs with candy and others with temporary tattoos, stickers, and puzzle pieces (they can put the puzzle together later!).

  • Simply beautiful

    This pretty tabletop decoration can be made in just minutes on Easter morning, or days before. Fill a shallow footed bowl with an inch or so of water. In the center, place a smaller bowl filled with colored eggs. Trim carnation or other flower stems to a few inches in length, and tuck them around the eggs to make a nest. Beautiful!

  • Classic chopped salad

    Get your Easter dinner off to a delicious start with this flavorful salad. It includes corn, green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, and herbs, and it just tastes like spring! Get the recipe.

  • Glazed Easter ham

    Apricot and cherry preserves, fresh mint, lemon, and garlic come together to create a mouthwatering glaze for your Easter ham. This recipe is so good you won't want to wait until next Easter to make it again! Get the recipe.

  • Glazed carrots with pistachios

    This is a side dish the Easter Bunny would love! Sweet, tender little carrots are covered in a sugary, herbed glaze and crunchy toasted pistachios. To save time on Easter, the glaze can be made ahead of time! Get the recipe.

  • New potato bake

    Small new red potatoes and spring onions bubble in a cheesy sauce topped with bread crumbs in this inticing side dish. Get the recipe!

    Speaking of potatoes, remember to plant yours on Good Friday!

  • Lemon beehive meringues

    These pretty little desserts are the perfect way to cap off your Easter dinner. The meringue cups even look like Easter baskets! They're filled with lemon curd and fresh berries, and are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Get the recipe!

  • Lamenting leftovers

    "Due to our Easter guests not eating enough and a cousin who's developed a serious baking habit, every meal I've had this past week has included at least one ham sandwich," writes columnist Brent Olson. "Roughly 32% of my body weight is now pork based and I'm fighting the urge to oink." Have a laugh with Brent's column!

Happy Easter from!

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