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Discover the most interesting new features about Women in Ag. Get the latest news and info on farm women's business, family and agricultural production issues. Interact with farm women from across America and around the world.

Women in Ag: Industry Advocates By: 09/19/2014 @ 2:46pm

The Women in Ag bloggers hail from all over the country, with specialties ranging from hazelnuts to tobacco. Some are hands-on farmers, while others work behind the…

The Business of Making Memories By: 09/23/2014 @ 12:09pm

One tough issue most farm families face at some point is what to do with the home farm after Mom and Dad pass away…

Walking Tall On Memory Lane By: 09/23/2014 @ 1:09pm

This farm-turned-retreat has a very special ambassador.

Barn Wedding By: 09/17/2014 @ 10:06am

Children are full of surprises. As my daughter, Allison, was growing up, she learned how to care for and show 4-H sheep, hogs, and cattle. She tells a good story about losing both boots in the mud while…

Where Have all the Ag Kids Gone? By: 09/15/2014 @ 9:33am

Strolling through the exhibit barns at my local county fair left me wondering where had all the ag kids gone. When I was in 4-H 25 years ago, our county fairs' barns and buildings were exploding with…

Women in Ag: Getting it done this fall By: 09/12/2014 @ 3:06pm

Fall is a busy time for farmers everywhere, and the Women in Ag bloggers are no exception! Here's what they've been up to this week:Harvesting with HootBrenda Frketich, a third-generation, full-time…

Global Happenings By: 08/09/2014 @ 11:10am

Marketing your milk, livestock or grains is hard. Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that we have to monitor so many potential price aspects and market movers on a daily basis. Fifteen years ago, the only…

Oats know WHAT, exactly? By: 07/09/2014 @ 3:27pm

If you've been around agricultural commodity futures for a while, you've probably heard the old adage, "Oats know where corn goes." Cryptic? Yes. However, before high-frequency computer trading and…

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