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10 Farmer's Market Tips By: 06/24/2015 @ 11:09am

Earn some extra income by selling produce this summer!

Don't Just Wait By: 05/26/2015 @ 10:49am

Coming off a bull market is always hard for producers. Add to this, the opportunities to price grain at still…

Meet the Women in Ag Bloggers! By: 05/21/2015 @ 1:32pm

Looking for advice on managing your farm, anecdotes you can relate to, or tips from other women in agriculture much…

Plan Ahead to Avoid Weather Marketing Woes By: 06/22/2015 @ 7:26pm

By Cathy EkstrandThis is a year the market is assuming large yield guestimates and colossal acre numbers combined with an ample supply on hand from last year. Based on what the market is saying, it’s time to…

The Biggest Lesson I Learned From My Dad By: 06/19/2015 @ 11:00pm

I like to think that Farm Dads are cooler than other dads (although I might be somewhat biased). They teach you how to drive through the fields before your feet reach the pedals, they make the best snow hills…

Anything is Good if You Put Enough Gravy on It By: 06/11/2015 @ 11:00pm

It's been a busy week. So busy, in fact, that I have been meaning to go to the grocery store since Monday and as of today, Friday, I still haven't gone. (Do people that live closer to stores have the…

To The Women In Agriculture... By: 05/26/2015 @ 11:00pm

This time of year is hard. There’s many events going on, the weather is nice enough to be outside, and of course, the field work and chores need to be tended to. I feel this time of year is especially hard…

Keeping It All Together This Summer By: 05/14/2015 @ 11:00pm

As I sit here at my desk writing this, every square inch of my dinning room table is covered in folded clothes. About two weeks worth of laundry is staring at me like they're sad, worn, and waiting to be…

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