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Farm management news and updates. Find articles on farm real estate, crop insurance, finance and accounting, taxes, farm programs and policy, agricultural software and more. Get farm management updates for your farm and more by interacting with experts and other farmers.

On The Farmland Market: 'There is… By: 10/28/2014 @ 7:15am

There is a ton of money out there, land is an inflation hedge, balance sheets are strong, and things are different…

Smart Moves for Tight Crop Margins By: 10/14/2014 @ 11:44am

No one is going to tell you exactly how to spend your money when buying inputs this fall for the 2015 growing…

'HMO' labels in the future? By: 10/30/2014 @ 12:52pm

Growing crops will not always take place in open fields. There's a growing number of companies investing in…

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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct 31st. Good morning.    Corn is unchanged, beans are up 7 and wheat down 1.    Soybeans set for the biggest monthly advance since 2012…

depreciation rules 2014 Is there any chance that Congress will reinstate the 2013 depreciation--section 179 limits and first year bonus figures that were in effect last

Anyone think it's a coincidence That the screw the crop insurance rally start October 1 and ended October 30. We need a senate hearing on market manipulation.

Lender Refinancing? By: 10/14/2014 @ 12:08pm

Will lenders help you restructure debt? Most won’t give a blanket yes or…

Slow Road to Japanese… By: 03/24/2014 @ 10:22am

With the biofuels boom slowing, trade and exports are regaining importance. When…

Setting Up Your Own Wireless… By: 08/08/2014 @ 11:00am

If the two-way radio was all you ever needed for farm communication, then it may be time…

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