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Broken wheels roll again

12/15/2010 @ 8:48am

Name: Jenn Krultz

Age: 20

Farm Location: Greenwood, Wisconsin

Education: University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Farming Practices: Krultz has a 16-head herd. Her family has a 360-acre dairy farm.

Jenn Krultz is working to continue what once was on her family farm. The 20-year-old is attending school and is also working to bring back Broken Wheel Farms – at least the dairy side of it. Krultz’s paternal grandfather started the farm, and her maternal grandfather had a dairy. The two merged when Krultz’s parents married. Up until 2002, the family had registered Holstein and Jersey cattle.

Krultz says her biggest challenge is coming home to a dairy that isn’t already established. “I see this as an advantage, though, because it’s given me the opportunity to work with differing operation types. I can make necessary updates to the facilities to progress the farm instead of falling into the facade of doing it the way Mom and Dad did it,” she explains.


Krultz has been able to attend college, which has allowed her to be open to new ideas and practices. “My favorite part of farming would have to be the individual work with the cattle. I enjoy the work involved on a smaller operation because I can place the necessary care for each specific animal as opposed to treating them all as group units,” she says.

Krultz’s dairy experience in FFA and 4-H helped her decide to continue in the ag industry, a decision that came easy to her. “I have met and worked with many community leaders who have served as positive role models to me in the agricultural industry,” she states. “Being given all the opportunities to grow as a person from the agricultural industry, I don’t feel that I chose agriculture; I feel it chose me.”

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