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Crop insurance 06/08/2012 @ 7:40pm There is nothing to keep private insurers from offering private policies to crop producers to lay off risk of crop failure. Farmers can pay for their own insurance just like ordinary people try to afford health insurance. For many folks health insurance is unaffordable as well. A very high percentage of crop farmers resist government subsidizing health insurance but they got their nose deep in the trough for crop insurance subsidies. If we can't offer affordable health insurance to Joe sixpack and his family we hardly need to subsidize millionaire farmers. Life is a struggle for many of us but until farmers show a little compassion for ordinary people, I will oppose any subsidizing of crop insurance.

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Paul Penner Re: Re: Crop insurance 06/15/2012 @ 8:33pm You and I go back a long ways,Don and we disagree on this issue. I don't know of any insurance company that would offer full coverage without a subsidy on a nationwide basis. It is not actuarily sound. Period. Some might offer coverage in Iowa but not in the great plains from Texas to north Dakota. If a federal subsidy is wrong then i suggest you lobby congress to eliminate all other subsidy programs as well. We have school programs, aircraft industry programs,city and state programs communications get the idea. Which ones are you for?

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