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Finance, accounting and tax news and updates. Find articles on tax preparation, financing, loans, accounting software, business management and more.

Issue Preview: Fine-Tune Your Farm Finances – Now! By: 07/07/2015 @ 2:23pm

Lower crop receipts and rising expenses are putting the brakes on ag profitability. Working capital, a key measure of financial liquidity, has backtracked from its peaks…

Taking It to the Bank By: 04/14/2015 @ 11:32am

Look for Drew Peterson this time of year, and you’ll find him busy with calving and planting preparations. Yet, the…

Where You Should Spend Your Money By: 03/23/2015 @ 10:26am

Next time you’re at a farm show, play a game. Examine each booth selling the products that you need to grow your…

Your Profit: Sell Cash and New Crop at the Right Time This Year By: 03/09/2015 @ 3:35pm

In previous columns, I have written about my three favorite market analysis methods: the study of price, the study of time, and the study of motion (with tools like the Elliott Wave and the Relative Strength…

Manage Thin Margins & Master Positive Cash Flow By: 12/16/2014 @ 12:05pm

Managing razor-thin margins and mastering the art of creating positive cash flow are two critical tactical maneuvers confronting producers as 2014 draws to a close.There’s little doubt that lenders will be…

Are You Prepared for Retirement? By: 11/06/2014 @ 2:30pm

It was one of the flashpoint issues of the political campaign season leading up to November 4 elections. Can you retire? Or, will you be able to retire someday?It's a growing issue in American society…

Risks of Rapid Write-Offs By: 11/03/2014 @ 2:25pm

Farmers have mixed feelings about Code Section 179. Here are two comments from Agriculture.com:“I used to think that fast-writing items off was great, but when I stop to think about it . . . if I’m buying…

Lender Refinancing? By: 10/14/2014 @ 12:08pm

Will lenders help you restructure debt? Most won’t give a blanket yes or no. “Restructuring can be a viable option. It just depends on the individual circumstances,” says Bill Davis, chief credit…

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