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3 Reasons Why I'm Glad to Be in The Agriculture Business

chris sandler 01/30/2012 @ 9:56am Just a guy who lives in Maine, has friends, has family, and has a good time.

Being in the agriculture business is one of my greatest pleasuresWaking up to crisp morning and spending my days outside has been an incredible experienceI have been blessed to work with people who share the same outlook on life, and I appreciate those to help feed this great nation. 

The ability to get outside and breath fresh air constantly is overlooked by many peopleI feel incredibly lucky that I have the ability to work outside on a daily basisBeing active is very important to me and I would not change it for the worldI get to use my body daily and I love being in good health.

Giving Back
I have a great sense of purpose when I am at workI realize that I, and farmers across the country help feed this great nationWe all play a small role in how this country can prosper agriculturally and economically, and I'm glad I can do both. 

Its amazing to be able to grow the food you eatI have learned over the years how to grow different delicious foods and cook exceptionally wellI am able to host parties for those I care about and treat them to my culinary excellenceI'm quite proud.

The benefits of being a farmer are greatAppreciating the days, and the people in them is rewardingEveryday I feel a great sense of communityI love what I do.

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