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Lightning Guide

07/06/2011 @ 11:00pm

Lightning typically occurs when negatively charged electrons from a cloud descend as a “leader” meeting up with a “streamer” of positively charged electrons coming up from the earth through a high point like a treeWhen contact is made, it creates a force that is five times hotter than the sun while traveling at one-third the speed of lightThunder is created from the heat expended by the lightning stroke in a cloud.

Now we all know to avoid trees when outdoors during a lightning stormBut did you realize that lightning can kill you at home? Indeed, a strike on your home can send lethal jolts of electricity through telephone and electrical lines as the lightning tries to find a ground in the earthSo avoid using the bathtub, shower, sinks and telephone when a lightning storm is in progress.

You can estimate your distance from a lightning flash using your watchTo do this, watch for the flash and then determine how much time elapses, in seconds, before your hear the resulting thunderHere is the guide:
  • 5 seconds equals 1 mile
  • 10 seconds equals 2 miles
  • 15 seconds equals 3 miles
  • 20 seconds equals 4 miles
  • 25 seconds equals 5 miles
  • 30 seconds equals 6 miles

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