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Michigan Man’s John Deere Gator Pitches In At The Calhoun County Fair

chris sandler 10/30/2012 @ 10:28am Just a guy who lives in Maine, has friends, has family, and has a good time.


Though the company has been known for its charitable organizations and citizen friendly policies – it didn’t seize farm equipment for those who couldn’t pay during the Great Depression – John Deere users may rival the brand itself when it comes to looking out for the average American.

These individuals are constantly giving back to their local community and those in need, whether this is done through food drives, offering up machines for auctionsor simply using their equipment to help a fellow citizen with an everyday task.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, one individual sought to provide his fellow Marshall Township, Michigan residents with a chance to see as much of the Calhoun County Fair as possible. Bud Moe and his wife brought their John Deere Gators to the celebration each year, offering rides to anyone who needed one.

They expanded their participation in the event to include driving supplies from station to station, but each of them decided that transporting people was the more enjoyable task, especially given the number of people that needed help.

“When Joanne was out and about on the Gator, people would ask her for rides,” Moe told the news source, noting that this vehicle allows her to do this regularly. “Or she’d see someone with a walker and want to help them out.”

Noting that a person can’t very well enjoy the fair if he/she can’t get around to see it, Moe looked to his favorite vehicles and those of his friends to give residents a chance to see the whole celebration, according to the Enquirer.

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