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Running a great business

02/14/2011 @ 1:24pm

While attending a conference last summer, Blake Fennell heard another participant say, “A farm run as a way of life is a poor business. But a farm run as a business is a great way of life.” Fennell plans to take that advice back to his home farm. Currently attending college, he comes home most weekends to help his dad.

Fennell is eager to learn all he can about agriculture. “I take each opportunity to broaden my horizons, whether that’s by taking college courses or by learning from my parents, grandparents, or elders in the community. I listen to their mistakes and learn from them,” he says.

Fennell’s father encouraged him to come back to the farm. “He always made sure that I was not pressured to return home and that if I had other dreams to chase them,” he explains. His siblings have taken that same advice, and they’re pursuing other career interests.

Right now, Fennell is concentrating on water issues facing the farm. With the possibility of regulations for how much water they can pump, Fennell is looking into alternative ways to conserve water, such as strip tillage.

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