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Your Profit: Planting Time is Selling Time By: 04/21/2015 @ 1:37pm

This winter, I spoke at a conference in Brookings, South Dakota. After I wrapped up, a farmer walked up to the front, where I was packing up my computer. “I…

How Cheaper Crude Oil Impacts U.S. Farm Profits By: 03/11/2015 @ 11:37am

At every seminar and webinar I did this winter, I was asked the same question: What will the price of crude do to…

Farm Rescue Helps 300th Family By: 03/06/2015 @ 3:57pm

Farm Rescue hit a milestone October 30, 2014, when volunteers deployed their mobile farm operation for the 300th time…

Five Dangers Farmers Should Avoid During the Good Times By: 03/06/2015 @ 3:38pm

Five Dangers Farmers Should Avoid During the Good TimesFor the past several years, farming has been a very profitable venture for most. If your operation includes family members who have returned to the farm…

The Farm Transitions Toolkit: Helping Pass Farms to Next Generation By: 03/06/2015 @ 3:32pm

The potentially daunting process of transitioning a farm or ranch to the next generation of operators often gets weighed down by inertia and confusion.A new decision-making tool offers a blueprint for…

Spend Smart: 7 Key Inputs & How You Can Maximize Them By: 02/23/2015 @ 3:57pm

When Michael Boehlje was 8 years old, he accompanied his dad to the local sale barn to buy feeder cattle.“He had a little black book that he’d look at when he was bidding on cattle,” says the Purdue…

Q & A: Agriculture.com Member Darrin Steinert By: 02/02/2015 @ 2:35pm

Darrin Steinert is one of almost 25,000 members of the Agriculture.com community. The Agriculture.com community is a series of forums and blogs where farmers can interact on different topics, including…

Outstanding Agriculture Mentors in the Field By: 01/30/2015 @ 2:04pm

My Mentor, My Legacy nominations rolled in, and four winners were chosen from across the nation.Whether the family farm is passed down through the generations or it’s one started from scratch, it’s tough…

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Senator Grassley and his Mower

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