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Italian project to improve farming in Burkina Faso

GEORGE OKORE 01/17/2011 @ 5:16am Fifteen years experience as a journalist

The second stage of the project to improve the Nouhao Valley in Burkina Faso has concluded with a mission by experts from the Lay Volunteers International Association (LVIA, a non-governmental organisation).

The project received about 960,000 euros from Italian Development Cooperation to develop farming (crops and livestock) using credit instruments, the aim being to improve land management standards.

The beneficiaries are the populations of the Nouhao Valley, whose main livelihood is farming. Over 4,000 people took part in awareness-raising or specific training initiatives.

Around 6,000 inhabitants were given easier access to drinking water through repair work to 5 wells, with five new ones also being drilled. 87,440 cattle, sheep and goats were vaccinated against diseases such as bovine, ovine and caprine pasteurellosis, symptomatic carbuncle, Newcastle disease and trypanosomiasis.

The Nouhao Valley contains pockets of particularly severe poverty and its population mainly works in farming and animal husbandry, in 82% and 18% respectively of the region. However, the scarcity of resources leads to tension between the settled, farming population and the nomad population whose livelihood is stock raising.

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