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The Important Preditiction 2013 14

05/07/2013 @ 6:23am

Hello   Agriculture,

 As it reads the below radio airing may be the immeadiate need for greenhouse crop's,

 all of them in as many  as possible the Federal Disaster Aid and Gov Grant's,

 are some avenues,  A windows Narrator Story -

                                Good Day


   www dot meangreen dot zoomshare dot com  page 18  and page earth,  ,  are  noteable future,  event's  in  pre diction  from  astronomy  software,      celestia   demo,  ,      pc  download,  with  earth mouse       wheeled,   or  minus button   smaller  the  angle view  changed  to  above earth   looking down   and   over   left   will   show   the gas cloud position   we   hold   to date.  This pc demo   with the  letter  l   multi push'd   until

time   advance   to   one hundered thousand times  real time   will show   sun begining   an orbit path   of   its own   and flying away   thru   the center of the gas cloud   in   the month of   december     two thousand and thirteen.   The   sun   enters   earth   proximity   around   the   last week    of   september.   It is all together meaning   this  can   be    a last summer,   of hot weather, and   without    a sun even normal winter,  ,    can be  arctic  sub zero tempitures,  ,    without   the  lite of day.   A  more  than a  spare  heat  source,,   and water,  ,   with,

electric back up units,  ,   like generator's,  ,   or   ups battery power,  ,   are strongly suggested   for the december,  ,   and year two thousand and fourteen. ,  ,  Anarchie, crime rate , travel, with power outtages,   are to be kept to   a  minimum.

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