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Benefits of a Digital Age for the Modern Farmer

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The agricultural and farming community is made up of generations of people very familiar with the need to adapt and adjust; be it from the weather, new crop demand, insects, broken equipment, high-tech equipment, sick animals, banking discrepancies, or poor harvest, there is always going to be something that puts a bump in the routine. For farmers, entering into a digital age is just another adjustment that may alter their work and lifestyle, but it is an adjustment that could offer benefits that many farmers are not even aware of.

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This so-called digital age is comprised of the electronic technology and devices that have become so prevalent in our everyday lives. Online shopping, Facebook, iPads, Netflix, paperless billing, online banking, Google, and much more make up the digital world that whizzes around us. It may seem that the digital era wouldn’t directly influence the farming industry, but the connections and opportunities available from a digital world provide an extensive world of possibilities for all industries.

So what specific digital resources can members of the agriculture and forestry industrytake advantage of? Here’s a list of a few…

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